Pathways and Dawns

pwaysanddcoveraPathways and Dawns’ is Peter Ulrich’s first solo album, released in August 1999 on Projekt.

Two tracks – ‘Taqaharu’s Leaving’ and ‘Evocation’ – were recorded in 1990 at Woodbine Street Studios, England with producer John A Rivers. The other six tracks were recorded in 1997 at Quivvy Church Studio, Ireland with arrangements, production and contributions by Brendan Perry.

Stubbornly refusing to be pinned-down or pigeon-holed, ‘Pathways and Dawns’ was described by Alternative Press as the album The Beatles ‘might have made had they signed with 4AD instead of Capitol’, has been variously likened to Syd Barrett, Brian Eno, Depeche Mode and Ulrich’s former band Dead Can Dance, was hailed in SideLine as ‘a remarkable piece moving on the edge between ethnic and medieval art pop music’, has topped a New Age Voice chart, and has been spotted filed in music retailers in categories as diverse as ‘rock/pop’, ‘gothic/industrial’ and ‘easy listening’!

If you’ve yet to hear the album and decide for yourself where it fits into the great global scheme of things, ‘Pathways and Dawns’ is still widely available through normal retail outlets, or by mail order

The full track listing is:

1. Taqaharu’s   Leaving  2. Always Dancing  3. Life Amongst the Black Sheep
4. Journey of Discovery  5. Nocturne  6. Evocation  7. The Springs of Hope
8. Time and a Word

© Peter Ulrich 2005